Wing Chun  Denver
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Wing Chun Denver:

       Originally established in 2000 by Master Instructor Keith Worfel under the name Denver Wing Chun, Wing Chun Denver is the primary branch of the Traditional Wing Chun Gung Fu Foundation LLC.

       Wing Chun Denver is devoted to the teaching of Wing Chun Gung Fu as handed down directly from Great Grandmaster Ip Man, through Sifu Keith’s sifu: Grandmaster Ip Ching.

       We are not a full time school.  Group classes are held in a private setting during the morning or evening, and are scheduled on a weekly basis, by appointment only.

Members of the school enjoy a limited class size to ensure maximum benefit for all students, allowing for a more personalized approach to training.  Anyone interested in becoming a student of Sifu Keith, please feel free to email Wing Chun Denver.

       The training studio at Wing Chun Denver includes all necessary Ving Tsun training equipment:  Mook Yan Jong, Mui Fa Jong, Look Dim Boon Gwan, Bot Cham Dou, wall bag, and kicking, elbow, and punching pads.


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