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“Learning is not compulsory, but neither is survival. “     - W. Edwards Deming

       Compared to many other arts that have dozens of forms and weapons, there are only

3 empty hand forms, 2 weapons, and 1 Wooden Dummy set (Mook Yan Jong) in the art of

Wing Chun.  Having fewer techniques to memorize enforces greater retention and faster

progress towards an effective ability to defend oneself.

       Due to the highly effective and destructive nature of this art, Wing Chun cannot be

used in a tournament setting or any other competition in which there are restrictive rules.  In order to preserve your inherent right of safety and self preservation, and that of your family and friends, there are no rules in a real-life encounter.

Wing Chun Gung Fu:

       Wing Chun Gung Fu (also spelled Ving Tsun Kung Fu) is a Chinese martial art which is designed purely for one purpose:  self defense.

       Wing Chun is a close-quarter combat style that employs direct, effective, and efficient techniques by focusing on speed, relaxation, and balance.  There are no wasted or flashy movements, which preserves one’s energy and allowing a smaller, weaker individual to better defend themselves against a larger,

stronger adversary.  Practitioners will also learn about principles of

fighting, which decreases the requirement to learn numerous, complex techniques, and allows them to be more relaxed and able to adapt to

any previously unencountered situations.


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