Wing Chun  Denver
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Wing Chun Denver

Traditional Ip Man, Ip Ching Ving Tsun kung fu in Denver since 2000.

ABOUT:  learn about the art of Wing Chun Gung Fu, the Wing Chun Denver

                   school, the instructor, and the history & lineage of the art.

GALLERY:  5 photo albums.

LOG IN:  secure area for current students of Wing Chun Denver only.

FAQ:  answers to frequent questions.

CONTACT:  mailing & email address, phone #, and Links.


Happy New Year 2014:  Wing Chun Denver celebrates 14 years in the Denver metro area!

Oct. 2013:  The annual Hong Kong trip to visit and train with my sifu, Grandmaster Ip

       Ching, and all my other gung fu Brothers and Sisters was phenomenal - a big

       THANK YOU to my extended Ving Tsun family!

NAME:  Denver Wing Chun, serving the Denver metro area since 2000, is now primarily         known as Wing Chun Denver; either name is legal and valid for business purposes.

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